Be Bright at Night with NiteBright

NiteBright is the ultimate extreme visibility safety system where one simple purchase can keep you safe in a variety of uses and interests in low light or night time conditions.

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NiteBright & PedalSure Insurance join forces to protect you, your bike and your wallet

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The NiteBright system is an extremely lightweight LED panel weighing only 148 gms with batteries fitted which, when operated, flashes extremely brightly and is clearly visible from 200 metres or more.

The NiteBright unit is either directly worn on the body in its unique Individual Harness which puts the flashing image in the clear line of sight of other road users, or alternatively secured to a rucksack, sports bag, satchel etc. with the universal pouch; both of which are supplied in each pack.

The system is unique in that it allows the symbol displayed to other road users to be simply swapped in a matter of seconds to cater for any of the following so that the ownership of one NiteBright system can benefit several family members:



NiteBright is powered by 3 x AAA batteries (also included) which provides a life span for continuous wear of approximately 80+ hours before they need replacing, and with this battery type being readily available from most newsagents, garage forecourts, supermarkets or local convenience shops the wearer can be fully illuminated when it counts.