NiteBright is the brainchild of two Brothers from Cheshire – Craig & Allister Barker, after an urgent need for significantly better pedestrian visibility was identified by one of the Brothers following his involvement in a serious accident.


Dr Craig Barker BSc(Hons), MBChB, DFFP, MRCGP

Allister Barker

Dr Craig Barker was involved in the emergency treatment of a pedestrian who was unfortunately involved in an accident with a motor vehicle and, although the pedestrian was wearing a high-visibility waistcoat at the time, due to the nature of the road and its lack of adequate lighting it meant that the driver of the vehicle simply did not see her as the vehicle’s headlights did not shine upon the reflective material until the very last minute – the accident was inevitable.

Fortunately, although the pedestrian involved was seriously hurt, she has made a full recovery and her plight has led to the creation of the NiteBright Extreme Visibility Safety System which is for ALL road users.

Following extensive research, we were amazed to discover that there were virtually no light-emitting accessories on the market to help identify individuals to other road users regardless of the light conditions and, although bicycle lights were available for cyclists, there was nothing aimed at children walking to school, runners, pedestrians, dog owners exercising their pets  and so on that could help keep them safe.

The statistics we discovered were alarming:

Over 5 million children under the age of 11 are in full time education

Nearly 1,200 children a month are involved in collisions within 500 metres of school gates, and around 86,000 children have been involved in road accidents near British schools in the last six years


There are over 25 million regular Cyclists

Each year there are over 19,000+ reported cycle accidents


Over 4 million people regularly partake in running as a form of exercise

There are over  400 fatalities of UK pedestrians every year with several thousand being injured and needing medical attention


There are over 3 million recreational Horse Riders

Unfortunately there are in excess of 3,000+ road accidents per annum involving a Horse and rider


As a result, Allister Barker designed and developed the NiteBright Extreme Visibility Safety System over a period of 3 years as a simple and cost effective way of keeping an individual safe and clearly seen in a variety of applications within the one pack.

The aim was simple;

To produce a high visibility product that can be clearly seen by other people regardless of the lighting conditions and that can be worn on the body or attached to bags being carried or worn such as a rucksack

This was then further enhanced by the goal to have one product which allows the flexibility for it to be adapted and used for several situations, with only one NiteBright unit needing to be owned, combined with the need for the NiteBright System to be available at an affordable price.

The NiteBright Extreme Visibility Safety System was born.


NiteBright’s continuing aim is to constantly expand on the product range we offer over the coming months and years to provide products that fit almost all situations that require enhanced visibility to the wearer allowing us all to feel a little safer at night.

This includes a range of bags aimed at Children, NiteBright units that are reactive to light conditions and more commercial units with rechargeable batteries.

Allister Barker
Director, NiteBright Ltd