Our goal at NiteBright is to help save lives and reduce the amount of serious injuries that occur every day on the World’s roads due to people simply not being seen.

As such we would like to help as many individuals, groups, organisations and clubs as we can have the full benefit of being protected by the NiteBright Safety System to ensure that they or their members do not become part of the alarming statistics (UK shown below):


Over 5 million children under the age of 11 are in full time education:

Nearly 1,200 children a month are involved in collisions within 500 metres of school gates, and around 86,000 children have been involved in road accidents near British schools in the last six years


There are over 25 million regular Cyclists in the UK:

Each year here are over 19,000+ reported cycle accidents with over 3,000 being killed or seriously injured resulting in Hospital treatment with many more simply not being reported (information from ROSPA 2014)


Over 4 million people regularly partake in running as a form of exercise:

The best current estimate, derived from the NTS data, is that the total number of road casualties in Great Britain annually, including those not reported to the police, is within the range 630 – 800,000 (information from 2014 Motorcycle Accident Management Services)


There are over 3.5 million recreational Horse Riders:

The HES data concerning causes of visits to hospital in 2011–12 reported 4,199 episodes requiring treatment in hospital for animal – rider or occupant animal drawn vehicle injured in transport accident


There are over 1.2 million active motorcyclists in the UK:

Since 2004, the average death toll for motorcyclists has settled at around 600 per year with over 7000 serious injuries per year – the equivalent of 19 per day. (information from Motorcycle Accident Management Services)


As a result, let us see if we can help you and your members by offering a Group Discount to keep ALL your members safe:

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