New research has highlighted worrying levels of road accidents in the vicinity of Schools:

Over 5 million children under the age of 11 are in full time education:

Nearly 1,200 children a month are involved in collisions within 500 metres of school gates, and around 86,000 children have been involved in road accidents near British schools in the last six years

As more and more children are being taken to school by vehicle, the unfortunate result is that these areas are becoming more and more heavily congested with both cars and children and as a result it is a sad fact that injuries and fatalities to children happen every day.

Accidents to children unfortunately continue to occur away from the school gates, due to their age and lack of danger awareness as they unfortunately do not see the danger of the roads around them whilst out playing with their friends on their scooters, bicycles or simply going to their friends house.

One simple lapse of concentration can have devastating consequences.

The solution is NiteBright


NiteBright will enable your child to be clearly seen regardless of the light conditions for up to 200 metres (and further if the terrain allows) as the NiteBright system has been specifically designed to allow your children to wear the lightweight LED unit on their back in the individual harness supplied.

NiteBright will project an extremely bright LED flashing warning image to other road users directing them to their presence and allowing them to react accordingly.

The harness is fully adjustable for children aged 3+ for both size and comfort with adjustable arm and chest straps, allowing it to be worn comfortably whilst playing with their friends, cycling or going to and from school.

The clear pocket on the reverse allows the NiteBright unit to be kept dry so it can be used safely when it’s raining which is when the chance of an accident is dramatically increased.


The unique feature with the NiteBright system is that it puts the flashing warning image directly on your child and in direct line of sight of other vehicle drivers which makes your child instantly more visible.

In addition, if your children are hesitant in wearing the NiteBright harness as they become older due to its lack of fashion status, we also include in the NiteBright System a universal harness which can be easily and quickly attached to any sports bag or rucksack up to 115cm in diameter using the Velcro straps attached, which again has the water resistant clear pocket on the reverse for all weather conditions.

Can you afford to take the risk?

Our Nitebright CHILDS SCHOOL RUCKSACK is COMING VERY SOON – due for launch Spring 2016