Cycling is becoming more popular year on year not only for its healthy lifestyle properties, but also as a method of daily travel due to increasing transportation costs.

However, as a result, more and more cyclists are being injured on our extremely busy road network due to the fact that they are simply not seen, and even professional cycling athletes such as Sir Bradley Wiggins and his trainer Shane Sutton are not immune as they were both knocked off their bicycles and injured in 2012.

There are over 25 million regular Cyclists in the UK alone:

Each year there are over 19,000+ reported cycle accidents with over 3,000 being killed or seriously injured resulting in Hospital treatment with many more simply not being reported, and this figure is steadily climbing (information from ROSPA 2014)

There is already a vast array of safety equipment to help protect cyclists, including high intensity LED bicycle lamps, head torches and a vast array of high visibility clothing, vests, ruck sack covers and accessories, but the accidents still occur and the accident rate continues to climb.

The simple fact is that these items require a light source to shine upon them to make them effective, but with vast parts of the UK and Europe turning off their street lighting during certain hours to reduce public expenditure and reduce light pollution, the necessary effect simply isn’t there.

This is compounded even further when cycling in built up towns and cities by the amount of parked vehicles, general traffic and obstacles that help to obscure your visibility even further as again this restricts vehicle lights from hitting these reflective garments and ultimately you.

These same parked cars and general traffic also prevent your bicycle lights being seen regardless of how intense they are as they have to be secured to the frame of a bicycle which is almost always obstructed from view due to them being so low down.

The solution is NiteBright

complete-packNiteBright will enable you to be seen regardless of the light conditions for up to 200 metres away (and further if the terrain allows) as the NiteBright system has been specifically designed to allow you to wear the lightweight LED unit on your back in the individual harness supplied so it will project an extremely bright LED flashing warning image to other road users directing them to your presence and allowing them to react accordingly.

The harness is fully adjustable for size and comfort with both adjustable arm and chest straps, and the clear pocket on the reverse allows the NiteBright unit to be kept dry so you can cycle or commute even in the rain, although this isn’t as much fun.

The paramount feature with the NiteBright system is that it puts the flashing cycle image directly in the line of sight of other vehicle drivers which makes it instantly more visible combined with recent research evidence by the University of Oxford which indicates that the bike symbol could make a major contribution to cyclist road safety due to it being more instantly recognisable


In addition, if you cycle and need to carry additional items with you in a rucksack, the NiteBright System also includes a universal harness which can be easily and quickly attached to any bag up to 115cm in diameter using the Velcro straps attached, which again has the water resistant clear pocket on the reverse for all weather conditions.


Can you afford to take the risk of cycling without a NiteBright unit?


Also in our range of products we offer The NiteBright Sports rucksack which is designed to be the perfect ‘all in one’ day-sack and is ideal for almost all activities where a small rucksack is required and which incorporates a 1.5 Litre bladder with drinking tube as standard. More details can be found here:

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