Horse riding for pleasure has become more popular over recent years since it became more affordable and accessible due to riding schools offering horses for rental which has helped reduce the monthly costs associated with keeping a horse.

However, as the popularity of the sport grows, this naturally sees more riders and horses using the already busy road network, and as most of the roads used by horse and rider are unlit country lanes with restricted visibility, many accidents occur due to the simple fact that they are simply not seen.

In the UK alone there are over 3.5 million recreational Horse Riders with 73% of these being women or children:

The BHS considers horse related traffic accidents to be significantly under reported, a view supported by the Hospital Episode Statistics Online. The HES data concerning external causes of visits to hospital in 2011–12 reported 4,199 episodes requiring treatment in hospital for animal – rider or occupant animal drawn vehicle injured in transport accident’.

There is already a vast array of safety equipment to help protect both horse and rider, including high visibility clothing, vests and accessories, but the accidents still occur and the accident rate unfortunately continues to climb.

The simple fact is that these items require a light source to shine upon them to make them effective, but with vast parts of the UK and Europe turning off their street lighting during certain hours to reduce public expenditure and reduce light pollution, and with many country lanes simply not having any street lighting at all, then the necessary effect simply isn’t there.

This issue of not being seen is increased further when using country lanes as most are edged with shrubs and hedges which further restrict visibility even further.

The solution is NiteBright

complete-packNiteBright will enable you to be seen regardless of the light conditions for up to 200 metres away (and further if the terrain allows) as the NiteBright system has been specifically designed to allow you to wear the lightweight LED unit on your back in the individual harness supplied so it will project an extremely bright LED flashing warning image to other road users directing them to your presence and allowing them to react accordingly.

The harness is fully adjustable for size and comfort with both adjustable arm and chest straps, and the clear pocket on the reverse allows the NiteBright unit to be kept dry so you can ride in the rain, although this isn’t as much fun.

The paramount feature with the NiteBright system is that it puts the flashing image directly in the line of sight of other vehicle drivers which makes it instantly more visible and can be seen long before the headlights of the vehicle hit the reflective material of the vest, which then simply re-enforces your presence.

We have also incorporated a safety whistle into the chest buckle to draw attention should you need to do so.


In addition, if you need to carry additional items with you in a rucksack, the NiteBright System also includes a universal harness which can be easily and quickly attached to any bag up to 115cm in diameter using the Velcro straps attached, which again has the water resistant clear pocket on the reverse for all weather conditions.

Can you afford to take the risk without a NiteBright unit?

Can you afford to take the risk without a NiteBright unit?

Also in our range of products we offer The NiteBright Sports rucksack which is designed to be the perfect ‘all in one’ day-sack and is ideal for almost all activities where a small rucksack is required and which incorporates a 1.5 Litre bladder with drinking tube as standard. More details can be found here: