Motorcycling has become more popular year on year but the sad fact is that motorcyclists are the most likely to be injured or killed on the UK’s roads because they were not seen prior to the incident.

There are over 1.4 million active motorcyclists in the UK alone:

Since 2004, the average annual death toll for motorcyclists has settled at around 600,with over 7000 serious injuries– the equivalent of 19 per day. (Information from Motorcycle Accident Management Services)

Poor awareness by other road users, a reduced visible profile of the rider and the wearing of dark or black leather clothing contribute significantly towards these statistics.In addition, parts of the UK and Europe are now turning off their street lighting during certain hours to help reduce public expenditure and light pollution which compound this issue even further.

The solution is NiteBright


NiteBright will help increase your visibility to other road users significantly.It is designed to allow you to wear the lightweight LED unit on your back in the individual harness supplied and it will project an extremely bright LED flashing warning image in the direct eye line of other road users who may not have previously seen you.

The harness is fully adjustable and can easily be worn over any existing protective clothing.The clear pocket on the reverse allows the NiteBright unit to be kept dry in all weather conditions including in the rain when the risk of accidents is greater.

The main feature of the NiteBright system is that it puts the flashing motorcycle image directly in the sight line of other vehicle drivers, therefore it is instantly more visible. Recent research by the University of Oxford indicates that the BIKE SYMBOL could increase bike road safety due to its instant recognisability. The position of the flashing LED – high on the back also aids visibility.


Where there is a need to carry additional items in a rucksack whilst on your bike, the NiteBright System also includes a universal harness which can be easily attached to any bag or rucksack up to 115 cm in diameter by Velcro straps. This could also be attached to a top box (this may require extension straps which are sold separately)

Can you afford to take the risk without a NiteBright unit?

Also in our range of products we offer The NiteBright Sports rucksack which can be also used when on your bike. More details can be found here:


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PLEASE NOTE – we recommend that only a GREEN NiteBright unit is worn when motorcycling as this will be more effective as a contrast against the red brake lights.