As we are all encouraged to lead active lifestyles to help keep us fit and heathy, with us all being advised to exercise daily for a minimum of 20 minutes, recent  research has highlighted that we are not as safe as we believe we are when we are ‘out and about’:

The best current estimate, derived from the NTS data, is that the total number of road casualties in Great Britain annually, including those not reported to the police, is within the range 630 – 800,000 (information from 2014 Motorcycle Accident Management Services)

Any form of exercise such as walking to the shops, cycling, walking the children to school, walking the family dog, walking to or from a night out and so on are all very beneficial for our health and wellbeing, but they also increase the likelihood of us being involved in an accident and becoming a statistic, let alone badly injured or worse.

This is compounded even further when in a town or a city simply by the amount of traffic, parked vehicles and other obstacles that obscure your visibility to other road users combined with the simple fact that with vast parts of the UK and Europe turning off their street lighting during certain hours to reduce public expenditure and reduce light pollution, the risk of being involved in an accident is at an all time high.

The solution is NiteBright

out-aboutNiteBright will enable you to be clearly seen regardless of the light conditions for up to 200 metres (and further if the terrain allows) as the NiteBright system has been specifically designed to allow you to wear the lightweight LED unit on your back in the individual harness supplied so it will project an extremely bright LED flashing warning image to other road users directing them to your presence and allowing them to react accordingly.

The harness is fully adjustable for all ages from children aged 3+ to adults, with adjustable arm and chest straps allowing it to be worn comfortably and without difficulty.

The unique feature with the NiteBright system is that it is the only system on the market place that is designed with several applications within one unit including just being ‘out and about’ in everyday life, and due to the interchangeable inserts, you can quickly select an image to suit your needs.

The clear pocket on the reverse of the harness allows the NiteBright unit to be kept dry so it can be used safely when it’s raining which is when the chance of an accident involving a pedestrian is dramatically increased due to the poor driving conditions which include restricted visibility and wet road surfaces


In addition, if wearing the NiteBright harness is not always a viable option for you, we also include in the NiteBright System a universal harness which can be easily and quickly attached to any sports bag or rucksack up to 115cm in diameter using the Velcro straps attached to ensure that you are clearly seen when you need to be.


Can you afford to take the risk?