Running and jogging have become an extremely popular fitness pastime in recent years as it allows people to exercise for low cost at a time that suits their lifestyle.

Unfortunately, these individuals and groups are also extremely susceptible to severe injury when out in low light or dark conditions due to their apparent ‘invisibility’ to other road users.

Although there is a vast array of high visibility clothing, vests and accessories available, the amount of accidents and fatalities is still steadily rising. This is because these items require a light source to shine upon them to make them effective. In addition, more and more areas of the UK and Europe are now turning off their street lighting during certain hours to reduce public expenditure and light pollution which means the necessary reflective effect simply isn’t there.

The solution is NiteBright


NiteBright will enable you to be seen regardless of the light conditions up to 200 metres away (and further if the terrain allows). The NiteBright system has been specifically designed to allow you to wear the lightweight LED unit on your back in the harness supplied so it will project an extremely bright LED flashing warning image to other road users. The harness is fully adjustable for size and comfort with both adjustable arm and chest straps, and the clear pocket on the reverse keeps the NiteBright unit dry so you can train even in the rain.


In addition, if you prefer to exercise carrying weight on your back using a rucksack, the NiteBright System also includes a universal harness which can be easily and quickly attached to any bag up to 115cm in diameter using the Velcro straps that are attached to it. This also has the water resistant clear pocket to contain the flashing LED unit.


Can you afford to take the risk of not being seen whilst training?

Also in our range of products we offer The NiteBright ‘Sports rucksack’ which is designed to be the perfect ‘all in one’ day-sack. This incorporates a 1.5 Litre bladder with drinking tube as standard. More details can be found here:

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